From the desk of the pastor:

So, I returned safely from five days with 7 teenage boys in the mountains of North Carolina. We had a great trip. Ridgehaven is a PCA camp facility near Brevard, NC. The campus has great accommodations. We all had beds and best of all, heat. A common room separated our two-room suite from other double room suites. In this large room we held our nightly devotions where we discussed the sermon and events of the day and sang a few songs together. Noah brought his guitar and by the second night the other groups were asking to join us.

The worship services, morning and evening, were very spiritual times. The camp pastor was able to speak very clearly and pointedly. He confronted the teenagers with God’s commands for holiness and encouraged them to live well for God’s glory.

Our meal times were good moments also. For camp food the menus were well done. Every meal was all you could eat. I am sure the boys appreciated this very much. Several of them are still growing.

The campus is hilly and events were spread out, so we got plenty of exercise. The guys really enjoyed the game room and camp store.

We had enough leisure in the days to have natural conversation about life. We left on Wednesday not really knowing each other that well. By Sunday we had grown pretty close. I have been thankful for their spiritual honesty and openness. I really appreciate this group of young men. They were extremely respectful and helpful all week. What a testimony to their parents and church.

For all who helped with raising of funds to make this trip possible, your efforts were well invested. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. Keep praying for the teenagers of our church. We resume our Sunday evening Bible study at Grinder House this Sunday January 8 at 5:00 pm.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Andy